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About Wild Lens

Wild Lens is a not for profit video production company focused on addressing wildlife conservation issues. We work alongside other non-profit organizations, independent researchers and government agencies to produce documentary films that inspire change. We work closely with our partner organizations throughout all stages of the production process, from developing story ideas to building targeted outreach campaigns based around a finished film.

Our approach towards filmmaking is unique in that we aim to tell stories from the perspectives of those who are working on the front lines of conservation issues across the globe. Every Wild Lens project is a collaborative effort between a dedicated group of wildlife biologists and an experienced team of filmmakers and producers.

Where in the World is Wild Lens?

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Our Team

Matthew Podolsky
President and Co-founder
Matt Podolsky
Matthew helped found Wild Lens in 2011 with the simple goal of bringing biologists and filmmakers together to produce impactful films that would have an impact on critically important wildlife conservation issues. Matthew began full-scale production on his first feature length film, Scavenger Hunt, immediately after the inception of Wild Lens. Prior to his work with Wild Lens, Matthew had spent four years working as a biologist with the endangered California condor, spending time with the wild population of condors in Arizona and Utah, as well as with the captive breeding program for condors in Boise, ID. Matthew received both a BA in Cinema/Photography and a BS in Environmental Science from Ithaca College.
Neil Paprocki
Scientific Director and Co-founder
Neil Paprocki
Neil helped found Wild Lens while working on a Master’s degree in Raptor Biology from Boise State University. Coming from a strictly science and research background, Neil cut his teeth with Wild Lens producing short films about Ptarmigan research in Alaska and bird migration monitoring at the Idaho Bird Observatory. In early 2013 Neil began work on his directorial debut film, Bluebird Man, a half hour film about the role of citizen science in the recovery of the bluebird. Neil completed his MSc in Raptor Biology in the spring of 2013. His earned his BS in Animal Behavior from Bucknell University.
Sean Bogle
Eyes on Conservation Project Director
Sean Bogle
As the director of Wild Lens’ Eyes on Conservation program, Sean is involved in all stages of production on this innovative documentary series. Sean works closely with partner organizations to develop a production plan, and oversees each step of the filmmaking process from pre-production to distribution. Additionally, Sean has directed a number of the short films in our EOC series, including The Maasai Giraffe, The Forgotten Migration and both films highlighting the work of The Marine Mammal Center. Prior to joining the Wild Lens team, Sean worked with a wide variety of wildlife species as both a biologist and photographer / videographer, including the Hawaiian Monk Seal, Stellar sea lions, Northern elephant seals, Pacific fishers, black bears, ringtail cats, and the elusive Ivory-billed woodpecker. He received his BFA in Sculpture and Cinematography from Stephen F. Austin State University.
Erin Strasser
Board Secretary and EOC Producer
Erin Strasser
Erin’s passion for research and avian conservation led her to join Wild Lens in the fall of 2012 after completing a Master’s Degree at Boise State University. Erin serves as the Secretary on the Wild Lens board of directors, where her background in both research science and art allows her to provide important feedback on the direction the organization. Erin produced our EOC film Wood Thrush: King of Coffee about songbird conservation in the coffee plantations of Honduras, and is currently working on a new EOC film about songbird conservation in Chihuahuan Desert of Mexico. Recently, Erin joined the staff of the Rocky Mountain Bird Observatory where she is able to continue pursuing her research goals. Erin received her MSc in Raptor Biology from Boise State University and her BS is Zoology from Northern Arizona University.
Joey Leibrecht
Web/Graphics Director and Video Editor
Joey Leibrecht
Joey is the newest member of the Wild Lens team and brings an extremely diverse skill set to the organization. For ten years Joey worked as a professional artist and multi-media designer before being introduced to the world of conservation biology. He now has six years of field experience working with a diverse array of wildlife species, with his current focus on the endangered forest birds of the Hawaiian Islands. Joey served as the editor on our Marine Mammal Center videos, and is currently working on an EOC film documenting his conservation work on the Hawaiian Islands.